this was my first test for a project we did at Stenarts. Someone else took over the coloring after this.
Later the design was changed completely.
You probably see it ...I hated drawing the chains!

Drawing fairies and horsies for a project that never saw the daylight.

This is a character design I did beginning of last year
for the Comic Ria Volume 3. 

This is an app Icon I made for the company I work for 5 months ago.
We did probably do 100 Versions until we came up with one that came through.
When we knew which character had to be on the icon it was only about finding the right pose.

This was a drawing for a game which never made it. But I thought this drawing is too funny to never show it again.

Another test from this year not included in the final product.

This is an exercise I did with the students last semester for them to get a better feeling for composing pictures.
I used a sequence from Leon the Professional, stop framed each scene and they were to reconstruct the scene with simple shapes and only black, white and one gray. This was what I had done in preparation to compare in the end my result and theirs.

I didn't post for a long time because I started completely over and took on a fulltime job as a lead artist at a games company here in Berlin. Its a big life change from freelancing. And for now this job also sucks all the energy out of me so that I have no spare to sketch or produce my own stuff at the moment. I will for now keep on posting some old stuff from last year.
Here is a brainstorming sketch for an ingame character that didnt make it.

This is a character design and setting test I did for a company which I cannot name. I created this character on basis of other given characters. I only post my part since it will not appear in the actual product. I really enjoyed the test even if it was unpaid.

This was a redesigning test for a certain brand. Failed. So I can post it.
For the setting and poses were no references given.  

This was a project I never really followed up on. A table tennis playing tiger called Bengal. I wish I had more time!!

This was the initial design sketch:

Today I gave the students a task to make an illustration using an "L" Composition format.

The toppic I chose randomly:
"Drunk Batman hugs a female stipper in a bar"
I gave it a go as well, to show how I would deal with it... and because
It sounded fun ;)

For the semester task I gave the students a briefing and they were to design the characters and the set. The basic summed up story was: Alien bad guy hires natives to work for him harvesting their own habitat with vacuum cleaners. The bad guy is producing DNA diamants out it for his own profit. Until THAT day where they realize the exploitation and break out in revolt.

This picture I drew to show how I might handle it using reference on every step and most importantly to never loose the fun about it. If you don't enjoy it how will you ever convince the client to love it.

These are design sketches of a knife thrower from last year.
The final design in the game changed completely so I am safe to
post this.

There are Ulrike & Hans Twardokus in Germany collecting what they call Pig-togramms. Little pig drawings from artists. They also asked me already last year to do one but I didn't find the time. On the weekend I finally did it. So here it comes.

This is a pencil sketch I did on friday for a fan of the Ria Lightclan Chronicles comics. I drew right into the volume 3 preview booklet.

An illustration of a sleeping minister which I had to do this evening for a magazin.
I also attached the really ugly and quick idea sketch which I used to get the customers approval to finalize the illustration.

This was an exercise from  last year with the students on staging, interaction and putting a character in an existing perspective environment. An image of Clint Eastwood's Empty Chair Speech was the "stage".

 This was my take on it.

This is what a student did.
Just a loose friday eve fun drawing. Don't know what he is up to really :)

I made a cover for a children's reading book with stories about courage. Its going to come out next year but is already beeing promoted on the publishers homepage: "Mutgeschichten"

 This was one of my first idea sketches for the courage toppic. I mapped it on a book to show how it could look. But it was them too funny :)

Today I had to work on a female lion tamer. This drawing I made as a little research.  Since the final design will probably be completely different I can post this.

The other day I gave the students a quick warm up task to redesign He-man for 5 year old girls using the cuteness pattern given by Preston Blair. While the students were busy I gave it a quick go as well. One of the students postet her cute litte He-man here.


There is the oversized version of  the comic "Ria- Lightclan Chronicles- Volume 2" available with a little extra inside. A sketchbook with loads of production drawings from all people who worked on it. Here is the cover of the sketchbook with one of my drawings.
On the weekend i did a little Comic strip. My goal was not to work longer than one day on it. Thats why i just didnt add any color in the end.
The "Yps" Magazin is a german comic magazin with gimmicks for kids since the 70's. They are calling for new comic artists and new content and made a little competition out of it. So I gave it a try .

Yps macht Stars - Yps makes Stars

30 Jahre später - 30 years later

Wir sind verloren, wenn wir doch einen Ausweg wüssten - We are lost. if we only knew a way out

Last year I was working at Bitteschön.Tv in Berlin and Studio Rakete in Hamburg as an animator on "The Congress", Ari Folman's new movie. All in all I worked 9 month on the movie. I really enjoyed working on it. The team was a lot of  fun!

This a little fun sketch from last week. I know: pretty long chain on the nunchucks. But hey, its just a sketch.
These are some of the animations i did on the side for Sandnes Media since january this year. Fun projects to work on.